Sunday, April 29, 2012

More of This, Less of That

How to get everyone all caught up?  Hm...

*My new job is awesome.  I've only had one night that was kind of a downer.  It's been a while since I've really looked forward to heading to work on a daily basis.  Of course, we have a stretch of 9 games in the next 10 days at home.  First long homestand of the season.  I do have a couple nights off, but still, we'll see how I hold up. That's a lot of standing!

Anyway, even when the team's losing, it's still great to be at the ballpark.  Most of the people you meet are nice enough.  I've actually met some pretty cool folks already, including one guy who went to the same high school where my parents met.  Crazy, eh?

Got some major sunburns the one open-roof day game I worked.  Been a long time since I've really had to worry about sunburns.

Also surprising: public transit is kind of fun.  In a sort of boring, monotonous way. 

*I've been thinking some pseudo-Ecclesiastical thoughts lately.  I've always liked Ecclesiastes, and I think it gets a bad rap as "the depressing book" in the Bible.  I'll blog on this at some point in the future, maybe, but I've come to realize that a lot of this past year has been God showing me how many wonderful things I've been using as crutches of moral and emotional support. (I.e. friends, art, dreams, family, etc)

Also: I've always considered "Ecclesiastical" to mean something along the lines of ponderous, meditations gravitating toward the melancholy focusing on the purpose of existence.  Turns out, it really only means "of or relating to a church."  I learned this because one of my 3rd-through-6th graders asked me what Ecclesiastes means.  Kids are geniuses!  I would have never bothered to ask that question!  And the title basically means (in a more contemporary context; I'm also simplifying here) that it's basically a sermon of teaching.  That's all the name means: for a gathered assembly.

Try teaching kids some time.  They'll make ya learn stuff!

*Isaac is a full-time walker now. He's also developing a sense of how to get his older brother into trouble.  Kim told me the other day that Isaac tried to take the toy Robbie was playing with, and Robbie started to fuss and grab for it.  Kim shouted out a quick, "Hey!" and apparently Isaac gave a somewhat smug look toward his big brother.  When Kim said, "Isaac, you have to leave Robbie alone," she insists he looked taken aback.  I wasn't there, I didn't see it, but I've seen them play and I believe it.

*Hockey season ended.  Playoffs going on now.  Due to no TV, I'm not watching them, but I am listening to a lot of games over the Internet.  (Thank you, NHL, for streaming radio broadcasts free!)  I do get to watch Sunday afternoon games on NBC's web site, too.  What to say?  None of my teams were anything to be proud of. The Bolts and Avs both missed out, and the Pens embarrassed themselves on and off the ice in a six-game loss to the Flyers.  Out of it in the first round: the last 4 Stanley Cup winners, three of the last four Stanley Cup losers, and all four of last year's conference finalists.  Who does that leave?  Nashville, Phoenix, LA, St. Louis, New York (R), Washington, New Jersey, and Philly.

The Aeros ended a frustrating year, bowing out to OKC in four games.  A few things: 1)Yes, it was a pretty remarkable feat just to make the playoffs with the circumstances they had this year.  2) Best-of-5 series' are dumb.  3) Even tho I'm glad the team fought to a playoff berth, it was still a frustrating, disappointing season.  It just wasn't a real fun year to be an Aeros fan.  4) There's actually reason to believe that next year, however, should be awesome.

*This video just makes me smile.  A lot.

FIF played their first show in 8.5 years last night.  The entire crowd screamed along every single word to every song all night.  This is my favorite of the videos I've found (so far) because you can tell how much fun the band is having.  They all have such huge smiles on their faces.  It seems like it was an incredible night for all involved.

Here's another video, which includes a set list in the comments. 

*The Avengers starts this week. I'm heading to the midnight showing with some friends.  This may be my retirement from midnight movies.  We'll see.  I am turning the big 3-0 this week.  And I don't know what midnight movie experience could really top The Avengers.

I'm going with my own team of Avengers.  But we don't have code names, super powers, or costumes. But if called upon, I'm pretty sure we'd save the world while being entertaining.

And if we couldn't save the world, you can be damn well sure we'd avenge it

*By the way, click that last link.

*I will not update this blog again until I've given an update on my reading blog.  So hopefully I get to that soon. Until then, adios!