Thursday, June 21, 2012

I mean, you really can't cover it all.  Not after over a month of non-blogging.  So your options are either ignore everything and pick up as if you never went away, or else give an inadequate recap of the past month.  I'ma go with option B!

--Robbie's last day of preschool has come and gone.  He was pretty sad, so we let him pick dinner that night. Naturally, he chose New York Pizzeria.  Now it's been twenty-one days of keeping both boys at home with me throughout the day.  We had some struggles early on, since we don't have cool things like playgrounds and classmates in abundance, and transitions are always hard anyway, but we've been doing better lately, getting into our groove.  And I actually got him to (with help) clean his room, so we can play with the toddler in there now as well.  I try to fit one "outing" in per week, and maybe two trips to the park as well.  I'm pretty darn sure we'll all survive the summer :-)

--I threw out my back about a month ago.  I've strained it before, but I was completely incapacitated for a full day.  And mostly incapacitated for two days after then. And then, I could function fairly normally, just with a lot of pain, for a while.  I cannot think of a time I've been in that much pain in my life.  Kim had to help me walk back to bed, and I almost passed out from the pain.  It was crazy.  Anyway, I had my first completely pain-free night of work this past week, so I feel pretty safe in saying I'm just about out of the woods.  Now, time to work on getting out of terrible shape and back into marginally poor shape. 

--The Kings won the Stanley Cup.  I know you were probably expecting something epic from me about that, but it's now a part of the "too much to cover" cloud.  It was pretty awesome, though.  They pretty much steamrolled through the playoffs.  First Cup in franchise history, and there's always been a pretty fantastic core of hockey fans in the LA area.  Like my dad.  So happy for him to get the chance to finally see his boyhood team lift the Cup. 

Also, really happy for a lot of guys on that roster, especially good soldier Willie Mitchell.  The man has played steady if unspectacular hockey for years, and to see him finally get a Cup win is a huge part of what makes the SCF so fantastic every year. 

--Finally, by now I sincerely hope everyone has seen the Les Mis trailer twenty or so times.  But in case you haven't,

--And that, of course, reminds me of the Les Miserables Street Fighter-style fighting game, Arm Joe.  Because you always wanted to see Marius beat the snot out of Eponine, and because you thought the story needed a cyborg Jean Valjean, right?