Tuesday, October 25, 2011

v2, d420: How To Salutate

 I kinda wish we still started letters like Paul did it in the New Testament.


Will, a fellow disciple of Christ, dabbling writer, and family man,

To Dave, the saint who lives in the apartment with the funky water, foundation issues, and quirky admittance gate up on the north side of town:



Then I'd go on about how I wish I could have written him sooner, and how I always hear good things about him from a mutual friend, and eventually I finally get around to asking if he's got the tickets for Dollar Hot Dog Night at the Aeros game or not.  Then I wrap it up with a bunch of terse moral instructions before saying hi from everybody at my house, one at a time, and finally comment on what font I'm using and that I'm typing this on my own laptop.