Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hold up, wait a minute

Quick post before I get to bed, because 5:00 comes awfully early in the morning and I've got my first booking + ball game day tomorrow.

So, we'll just hit the highlights:

*Saw the movie 42 this weekend.  Well, most of it.  I had to jet out of the theater at what I assume was the ending in order to get the MMP on time.  Pretty good flick.  Harrison Ford was phenomenal.  I actually thought he was John Goodman for half the film.  I know you're thinking Harrison Ford looks nothing like John Goodman, and you're right.  But heck, this day and age, nothing surprises me any more.  He could have been John Goodman in motion-capture gear with a leaner CGI body.  Anyway, it took almost half the film and a couple patented Ford-grins before I remembered that Mr. Ford was supposed to be in this movie, and that he was supposed to be fantastic, and I realized that  yes, yes he was.

The rest of the film was...ok. I enjoyed it, it got an emotional response from me.  I loved the story, I liked the way they did Jackie's character, and that actor did a good job, but something seemed off about the film as a whole.  It felt like a collection of scenes that were from a great movie about Jackie Robinson, yet somehow it didn't come together to form a great movie about Jackie Robinson.  It had that awkward sense that it was too long, yet everything went by too quickly.  Which is usually just a case of trying to do too much in to little time.  Example: Jackie calls a young woman early in the film.  By they way they talk, I assume it's his wife.  Then he suddenly proposes to her.  Oh, okay. It was his girlfriend.  Next scene, they're married, and they're discussing their life together, and you realize you really know nothing about either of their characters or their relationship so it doesn't have the punch it ought to have.  Another great example: during an early spring training game, Jackie's wife goes to the restroom, not feeling well.  Another woman asks how she's doing, and she replies, "I'm sick.  Don't know why."  The other woman inquires, "When was the last time you had your monthly?"  Then there's a great moment where Jackie's wife lets the unspoken implication of the other woman's question sink in.

And then, apparently just to make sure that the men in the audience understand what's going on, the other woman adds "It might be that you're pregnant."  Then she leaves.

Next scene: it's next spring training, and they have a baby!

Again, I know they had a lot to cover, but everything flies by so quickly it's hard to get attached to anybody but Jackie and Harrison Goodman.  That said, the story of these two men as portrayed in the movie is excellent.

And it seems like all I talk about on here is movies these days.


In "Measurements and Conversion Tips" news: apparently 15 pounds is approximately equal to one hole on your belt.  Good to know!


I'm teaching an acting class.  It's for 4th through 9th grades, which is unusual but has been working surprisingly well.  The topic for the class was already selected before I signed on (one week before I started teaching).  We're using The Hunger Games as a entrance point into the discussion on tactics in acting.  For not having initiated the class or the idea and for not having read the source material until a few days before my first class. I think it's going really well!  It's become very character-oriented which has ultimately turned into a discussion of writing.  And if you know me at all, you know teaching/mentoring and writing are some of my very favorite things.  So teaching/mentoring about writing?  Awesome!  Unfortunately, this takes away my Saturday mornings, which was when I was supposed to catch up an hour or so of lost sleep during the week.  I'll find those hours somewhere, though.


The Aeros are officially moving to Iowa.  This'll get its own blog eventually.  It was fairly obvious that this was coming.  Some saw the writing on the wall back in September.  I actually believed until about a month ago that they'd work something out.  Eventually, though, it became obvious that The Toyota Center had no interest in keeping the Aeros around.  And despite knowing it was coming, I will admit that Thursday was a bitter day.  It hurt.  And once I start talking about it, I know I'll get pretty ticked off again. Tonight, the Peoria Rivermen played their last game.  Fans stayed around 92 minuets after the game was over to applaud their team.  My heart goes out to 'em, but also knows we'll be in the exact same boat at some point in the next two months.

Calder Cup Playoffs 2013: One Last Mission.  Going to be an extremely bittersweet ride.


Bit of a downer, eh?  Well, I hate to end on an unhappy note, so check this out, courtesy the folks at Real Photobombs!