Saturday, February 9, 2013

Not All Robots Are Good...

Fun fact: Supposedly, all the robots in Wall-E are "Three-Laws Compliant."  Project: re-watch Wall-E with the focused intent of trying to find a robot in violation of any of the three laws. 

The bots in the classic Mega Man series are also said (by many) to be bound by Asimov's Three Laws. Even the Wily-bots.  Which makes them an odd choice of means by which to take over the world.  Or maybe the Robot Masters abide by the laws, but the "drone" enemies within the stages aren't actually sentient, thus they're the ones who do the actual damage and the masters exist solely to remain locked in a room waiting for Mega Man to arrive so that they can battle him.

Though, if that's the case, why would Mega Man bother with them at all?  I mean, it's not like they're hurting anyone behind those Wily gates.  Shoot, apparently they can't hurt anyone.  (So saith Dr. Wily at the end of Mega Man 7)  Unless the masters' life forces somehow power the re-spawning technology for the drones that are doing the actual damage...

But if that's the case, how could the robot masters continue to power the creation of drones that will ultimately harm humans?  If they don't realize what they're doing, does that mean they can actually harm humans?

Or was Wily just making that up in MM7 so that the blue bomber wouldn't shoot him?

Whatever.  That's totally not what this post is supposed to be about, anyway.

I've had to change the comments section on this blog.  The past few months, I have been getting a LOT of comments...on blog posts that are years old...and they all thank me for my excellent research on the subject matter, or how my blog is a refreshing and thoughtful look at the circumstances at hand, and they all end with links.  And for some reason, they all tend to fixate on one particular post at a time.  So I've had to delete roughly a dozen comments from the post entitled "Yip-or-Treat" in the past week. 

That's right, the decidedly non-three-law-compliant spam-bots have found my blog.  Fortunately, blogger is armed with the spam-bots' one weakness: WORD VERIFICATION!  Sorry, spam-bots.  To quote the immortal Dangeresque: "Dyin's not on the menu!"  FOMW will not go down so easily!


Anyway, just letting you all know about the change and why it's changed.  From now on, when you want to leave that occasional comment, you may have to type a word in a box or something.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  I swear it's not me trying to be all Big Government in your life.  It's to protect us all from the bots.

And, I just cannot end this blog post without sharing a video of Battlebots, so here ya go: