Thursday, February 2, 2012

All right, all right

Enough with this "not blogging" crap.  You people deserve better!

Actually, I was reading a friend's blog recently and I thought to myself, "This is nice.  I like it when my friends blog, even when they don't have particularly deep mind-blowing truths to share.  I wish they would keep this up more consistently."  And then I realized, "Hey, there are people who like it when I blog, even when I don't have anything good to say!  And I'll be they wish I'd keep it up more consistently!"

I know. Your mind is blown with my deductive powers. +5 enlightenment, +3 "Well, duh" points, but -1 against ogres.  Stupid ogres...

So I'm back at it.  And I'll try to be better about it, because you know what?  I doesn't have to be all about me. I miss most of y'all, and I know some of you miss me, especially those of you reading from other states who happen to share some of the same genetic information as I have. 

The initial incarnation of this blog had a purpose: to discipline myself to blog something every day for a year.  To see a project through to its completion.  Done.
The second incarnation also has/had a purpose as an exercise to try some new things, some different things, and ultimately just to get more practice at a form of writing other than play script format.
Well, I like to consider this a new incarnation of the blog.  So I'll have to find a new skin or layout I like.  (Bother)  This new phase of WBW/FOMW is simply to connect. To stay connected with some of you, and to write for my friends and loved ones who really just want to keep up with what's going on in my world. No more counting days, because really there's no point to it any more.  No more worrying too much about content, because let's face it, sometimes there's just not much newsworthy going on in my world.  But I can still drop in and say hey.  It'll be a lot more like "the old days," only hopefully I'm a more talented blogger now than I was when I started this thing up three years ago. 

So, welcome to WannabeWordslinger Chapter 3.  I'll make sure to drop in every couple of days or so to say hi. 

But first, I feel the need to give FOMW a proper sendoff.  So look for that in the next few days.