Thursday, February 9, 2012

In which I get a job

Yesterday, I went in for a quick interview with the Astros for a spot on their Guest Services team. I thought it went quite well.  It was a position I interviewed for last season and didn't get, but I thought I was better prepared for it this time around.  Plus, it just felt like the "vibe" was better, you know?  Sometimes you just feel like the room is for or against you.  Still, those sorts of things can be misleading, so I figured I'd just sweat it out for the weekend.

This afternoon, the sweating out came to an abrupt end, as I got "The Call."  I'm goin' up to the big leagues, ma! 

Seriously, tho, this is a major answer to prayer.  And it's something I want to do.  Bonus!  Plus, the 'Stros are out of town during VBS and preteen camp, so it won't step on any of my major church commitments this summer.  Tonight, we celebrated: we bought a pizza.