Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day Three-Hundred Fifty-One: In Which I Learn to Count


So, when I started double-posting, I tried to count forward the number of days I'd need to double-post and the pick up on the right day number for my first real-time post on December 28th.

I miscounted.

So, rather than go back and renumber all those posts, I'ma just call this one day Three-Five-One, which is the day I missed. Really, though, this is the ACTUAL Day Three-Five-Eight, and yesterday should have been Three-Five-Seven.

I don't know if that made sense or not. I work with words, people, not numbers.

In fact, as we've discussed in detail one-hundred fifty-eight days ago, I even prefer to convert numbers INTO words whenever possible.

Today was the first day of my mandatory vacation. (Long story, don't ask) I spent half of it in the office trying to resolve one problem or another. Tomorrow's day off looks like a lot of house work and hopefully some work on the Alice script.

Oh crud. I have to run by the office to pick up my laptop for that.

Hooray, back to work I go!

Really, though, I'm just glad I'll get to sleep in tomorrow. I'll work every day this week if it means I get to sleep in in the mornings.

Which is good. Because that just may be how it all plays out ;-)