Friday, January 8, 2010

Day Three-Hundred Sixty-Two: Another fitting ending


Part IV of Far-Sighted is up. I don't know that I'll finish this by the time I finish this blog, but it'll be done within the next month.

It's almost eerie, the feeling of finality that is setting in as I get closer to the end of this project. Realizing I wrote my last hockey post of the blog, the last comic book-related post, counting down into single digits, realizing I have three posts left and two I really want to write, meaning only one more day of unknown blogging between here and the finish line.

And today, as if to symbolically show that all things, no matter how endless they may seem, will eventually pass, we can bid a fond adieu to the congestion and cough that started on Day Two-Hundred Ninety-Five. Call it the Sixty-Six Day Cold, if you like. I'd never had a cough linger for that long! Every time it would start to get better, it would stop getting better. And pills could slow it down, but they never stopped it, and lots of sleep did nothing, and no sleep did nothing, and lots of water didn't help.

Then today, I suddenly realized I haven't had to reach for a cough drop all day. All. Day. It's been over two months since that has been the case.

Praise God. A cold is a little thing, really, but it was an ANNOYING little thing, and I'm glad to be victorious over it at long, long, looooong last.

This calls for a celebration.