Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day Three-Hundred Sixty-Four: Day Three-Hundred Sixty-Five Eve


Happy Day Three-Hundred Sixty-Five Eve, everybody!

By this point, you know I've been thinking about Day Three-Hundred Sixty-Five for a good deal of time, wonder what I'll say, wondering what I'll do once it's finished, wondering what the ultimate fate of ALINLATOOG is going to be, etc, for quite some time. And now here we are. One day away.

And you know what? I never put any thought into what I ought to say the day before I say and do and declare all those things I've thought about for tomorrow. Nothing--literally nothing--seems appropriate, and today was a rather uneventful day, so no anecdotes really spring to mind.

Um...we had lunch at Chili's. That was yummy.

Um...strike is tomorrow at work, followed by another uplifting meeting with the boss. So that's newsworthy.

I'm a little disappointed by the latest MxPx album, if anyone cares.

Dodongo dislikes smoke.

I mean really, no topic is just clamoring for expansion.

So come back tomorrow for the grand finale. It'll be more thought-out than this, I promise. It'll also be largely reflective, as one might expect. You can even play the "What Have We Learned" song in the background in parts of it. For those of you who've been following me for three-hundred sixty-four consecutive days of blogging, however, I think it should provide a satisfying conclusion.