Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day Three-Hundred Sixty-One: Freeze


Seriously, what is with the weather this year? First, there was a hurricane season with no hurricanes anywhere, next we had a solid inch of snow in Houston, then a blizzard sandwich for Christmas, and now all of southeast Texas is under a hard freeze warning. A flier was shoved into our door from the management at the apartment complex urging us to act IMMEDIATELY in order to help keep the pipes from freezing. As a result, all of our faucets are currently running at a steady dripping rate of two drops per second. Approximately. Though I've had to go back and check as the night has gone on because, as others around the city have likely been doing the same thing, the water pressure may have changed.

Thing is, I've always hated the sound of dripping water. So I've tried to have a constant stream of background noise, whether it be music, conversation, or the BCS National Title Game. (Roll Tide, apparently!) But now that the night has pretty much wound down and it's just me and the blog...

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Hopefully I can get to sleep without going insane. Also hopefully, the water will still work in the morning, and my wife and son will safely get to work and school, respectively.

According to, "Arctic air is expected to remain in the area through Saturday." The high Friday is 32. Winds have been gusting at close to 40 miles per hour today. And I know some of our readers have had it a lot worse lately, but come on! This is Houston! The summers are supposed to be beastly, and the winters fantastic! Also according to click2houston, it's been 20 years since temps have dropped below freezing for 40 or more hours, as is expected this weekend.

All this mysterious arctic weather can only mean one thing!!!

What a weird twist as this 365 winds down. I'm sure you'll get an update tomorrow.