Saturday, September 3, 2011

v2, d407: You've Changed

I'm talking to you, blogger. You changed on me.  You moved everything around, you put all the buttons in different places, you took all the fun and color out of my log-in screen and replaced it with...with...CHANGE!! 

Obviously, I don't like it, because people on the Internet always have to hate it when you change anything.  I always love it when Facebook changes something.  Everyone goes absolutely ballistic.  It's fantastic.  And then people create pages on Facebook about how they hate the changes to Facebook. And then everybody pretty much gets over it and goes back to making pages claiming they need a "Dislike" button.  I also remember when Twitter changed, and for what seemed like months it said you had a choice between using "New Twitter" or sticking with "Old Twitter" for a little while longer.  I can't actually remember what the difference was.

Now, I do remember being a bit hacked off when Youtube would only let you log on with a Google account.  In fact, Youtube and Blogger are both jerks for that. Especially since Blogger attached itself to my work email account rather than my personal one without asking.  About a week ago, that became a problem, because suddenly I can't be logged on to either Youtube or my email while logged into Blogger, because Blogger wants my work email log-in info.

Anyway, our Internet sites change on us all the time.  And the changes really aren't that big of a deal most of the time.  I'll figure out where you hid all your buttons and features, Blogger, and we'll get along just fine.

But if you ever start playing commercials with sound that randomly start up while I'm trying to blog, so help me I will end you.