Sunday, September 4, 2011

v2, d408: RAAAAAAAAAAAAIN!!!!!

Okay, this post has nothing to do with rain, but still, WE GOT RAIN!  THANK YOU, LORD!!!!  It wasn't a ton, but it was far more than we've had, and too much rain would really ruin the place after the drought we've had. I ain't complainin'. 

Also, I don't think I've mentioned on here that my parents are in town for Labor Day Weekend.  Have I mentioned that?  Well, they are, and it's awesome.  You might be thinking, But wait, Will, didn't you just have a guest LAST weekend?  Yes, yes we did.  And Kim's parents are coming in next weekend as well.  Why is this?  Because of a strange little phenomenon known as "The Strange Phenomenon About Will And Kim's Visitation Schedule That Has No Actual Name," or The SPAWAK VS THNAN for short.  (My money is totally on Th'Nan in that battle)  According to SPAWAK VS THNAN, we usually go months at a time with no visitors, and then everybody comes at once.  Please note, I'm certainly not complaining at all, because we love out-of-town visitors whenever we can get them.  It's just odd that it always seems to work out this way consistently enough that I can officially (by FOMW standards) brand it a phenomenon. 

In case you hadn't guessed, this post is about college football.  This was the first weekend of the new college football season.  As you know (unless you've forgotten), I had previously decided that this was the year I was finally going to care about college football.  I kept going back and forth over which team I should claim allegiance to from this point forward. (My college actually didn't have football, in case you weren't aware) At first I was leaning toward Alabama because a good friend of mine down here is a huge Crimson Tide fan, and he's probably more passionate about college football than anyone else I know.  However, I have a friend on Twitter who's a big Arkansas fan, and I'm afraid she might block me if I started posting "Roll Tide!" and the like.  And of course, I can't take Arkansas because I'll never say "Woo Pig Souiee" while cheering my team on.  My heart really wants me to take one of the Big XII teams, but not only is that conference now in mortal danger, but I found myself so over-exposed to both obnoxious Texas and Oklahoma fans in college that I just can't line myself up with either program.  I can't go with Oklahoma State, either, though my friend Sarah is a fan, because that would put me in bad with Kim's grandfather.  And the two Kansas teams...well, I'll always be happy to see them doing well, but I grew up around them and they were never really "my" teams then, so it'd be tough to claim them now. 

Basically, I wanted a team that I could make a legitimate claim for that wouldn't ostracize me from any of my friends and family.  Finally, I decided I'd just go local and root, root, root for the home University of Houston Cougars.  I caught most of their game against UCLA on TV this afternoon, and it was really a fun game to watch.  Kim says she can get discounted tickets to one of their games, and since they're not a mega-franchise like UT, I may actually be able to afford a discounted ticket before the season is up. 

I think just about every team that I'm aware of one of my friends following got a win in week one, so that's kind of cool.  Nobody (that I know) has to be mad, which is great because it's such a bummer to spend an entire year looking forward to a new season only to be let down by your guys

So welcome to college football season, everyone. Boomer Sooner, Roll Tide, Hook 'Em Horns, Sic 'Em Bears, Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Woo Pig Sooie, and It's Either A Kind Of Prickly Nut-like Thing Or Else A Delicious Candy. 

I think that covers everyone's rally cry that I know. 

Hey, do the Cougars have a rally cry?  *goes to look*  Okay, here's what I found at
"Traditionally, the stand cheer has gone: Eat 'Em Up! Eat 'Em Up! Rah! Rah! Rah! Not surprisingly, some fans erroneously chanted Raw! Raw! Raw! at the end of the cheer. However, in 2000, the cheer was changed to Eat 'Em Up! Eat 'Em Up! Go Coogs Go! At a minimum, this should be less confusing for everyone."

Heh...yeah, those idiots, changing "Rah" to "Raw." could they tell???