Tuesday, September 20, 2011

v2, d416: WOF2, #5: Explaining Why I Havne't Blogged Lately

That's become a regular feature, right?

Dave recently called me out for not blogging since Tuesday.  And, of course, he had a point: I promise a Week of Features, and after four days I disappear FOR A WHOLE WEEK!!!  It's a good thing most of my readers keep in touch with me via other methods, because otherwise the Internet would think I was dead.  On that: let's face it, time has moved on in the WBW universe (literary reference only two of you will ever get!).  Yes, this week has a seven-day break in the middle of it.  And it may be an eight-or-nine day week.  Are you surprised?  I mean, how often does Random Nintendo Game of the Month happen?  Yeah.  We'll just say units of time are relative.  Don't worry, you'll get your full week in soon.

Next up: I don't think y'all realize how tired you can get when 5 hours of sleep is a good night.  The other night, I fell asleep at 4:45 a.m.  Heck, in the past couple of years there've been times when I've had to wake up at that point in order to get to work on time.  My efforts to fall asleep at a more manageable hour have thus far been thwarted, but I am not defeated!  Still, I am pretty tired, and after awhile "try to sleep" starts to win out of "Week of Features."

Third: I have done some potentially-for-profit writing lately.  I've had friends abandon blogging for a time because they are writing a book and say they  just can't write a book and keep up a blog.  Well, I think that in the past I've proven that I can do that.  However, I cannot always write a book, keep up a blog, and take care of kids at home.  As much as I want to still be that hoss blogger who comes up with something for every single day, it's probably not important enough for me to neglect other responsibilities.  (That doesn't mean that you lovely people aren't important.  It means that Shuffleblog probably oughtn't take precedence over putting food on the table)

Fourth: Have I mentioned that I'm moving in twelve days?  And it's still not confirmed where exactly I'm moving to?  (We've applied to a place, it should go through okay, but still.  Prayers are appreciated)  That takes some time/energy.

So that's why I haven't blogged for the past week.  Even now, I'm writing this while eating my lunch at 10:45 (because I'm not sure when Isaac will give me another chance to eat) when I'd rather be working on a new play script. I imagine that in the near future, I'll do less "regular blogging" and more of the standard "I'll blog when I have time/something to say" blogging.  Which is sad, because invariably that's when every blog I've ever followed eventually gets neglected, and readers become disinterested, so the blogger becomes disinterested, and then the blog dies.  Now, I have no plans on that happening, but history teaches that it probably will sooner or later anyway.

But not anytime soon.  Trust me, I'm still committed to blogging.  It's still fun, and I know I've still got the loyal few who enjoy that I do it.  So when I disappear for a day or two (or seven), know that I'm still here.  I promise I'll tell y'all when I'm losing interest.  Because by that point, most of you probably will have already lost it, too.

More regular features, starting "tomorrow" ;-)

(Edit: Another unofficial feature: hockey-related links you won't read!

"Our Dates Chose Hockey Over Prom"

Former Aero and Official FOMW Favorite Josh Harding's return from a year and a half of suck is tonight.  Here's the story.

Finally, greatest trailer of the year: Dark Knight Rises?  Harry Potter 7.2?  The Avengers spot at the end of Captain America?  Or this trailer made for some German hockey team?

(Though personally, I like last year's better)