Monday, November 7, 2011

v2, d422: Bringin' Flickr Back

A couple of years ago, I had like four friends doing the 365 photo thing.  You know, you take one picture of yourself (or your kids, or you and your spouse, or your shoes, whatever) every day for a year and post it.  It was great.  They were great.  They were so creative.  I would check Flickr three times a day to see if anybody had updated.  It even inspired this blog, if you'll remember correctly.

Then, everybody's 365 days were up.  And now these talented, creative amateur photographers only pick up their cameras once every few months to put up picture of their latest family gathering.  Which is great, don't get me wrong.  Using a free photo-sharing web service to share photos with your family is kind of a no-brainer. Still, there's been a 365-picture-sized hole in my heart ever since.  And I've patiently waited for these talented and artistic friends of mine to finally succumb to the fire that has no doubt been raging in their creative consciousnesses ever since they finished their first project.  Surely the need to post  picture every single day must be torturing them, keeping them awake at nights, leaving them unfufilled not only as photographers, but as human beings.  Surely they yearn for that particular outlet to share that corner of their souls with the entire world, to rack their brains day after day for something other than another "Here we are outdoors.  It's a pretty day" photo.  Surely the dam of their photographic inactivity is trembling against the pressure of the building waves of 365-feuled passion, about to burst forth into new and exciting ways the rest of us can live vicariously through their day-to-day existences! 


*sigh* All right, fine, I'll do it