Saturday, November 19, 2011

v2, d425: Skinnamarink a linky-dink

Trying to take on as much housework as I can this weekend, so I'll keep this brief. I was up until 4 working last night, so I'm pretty tired anyway.  And you know what happens when I write while overtired! 

1.  A good interview with Joss Whedon re: the upcoming Avengers movie.  The trailer was nice, but I get more excited when I read things like this.  I mean, I've seen enough awesome trailers turn into bad movies, and a project like this always has the potential to be a really bad movie.

2. Speaking of, they're making a movie based on the old Rampage arcade game.  No joke

3. Man, I feel bad for this kid.

Rookie mistake.  It's an empty net.  Just dump it in.  An empty-net goal is embarrassing enough as is.  No need to showboat it.

Thing is, everybody's already comparing this kid's play to Patrik Stefan's.  Nuh-uh, folks.  No contest.

No.  Contest.

4. Ugh. Now, a pretty goal.  To clean the palette.

That's...that's just nice, Dutchy.  Thank you.

5. Went to the Players' opening of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever starring my talented friends Jason, Kat, and Abby.  BUY TICKETS!  SUPPORT THE ARTS!Everybody involved ought to be proud; their hard work was evident, and it's a really charming show. 

6. Look, it's Brentalfloss's G-Rated album on BandCamp.  Cool.

7. Have I mentioned the baby's sick?  Well, he is, and now he's coughing, so I guess that means he's going to wake himself up.  Better go.