Monday, November 21, 2011

v2, d426: I tried to work a sea lion video into this post, but it just didn't fit anywhere

You know what this blog needs?  MORE VIDEO CLIPS!!

No.  No it does not.

Some have suggested that my Flickr project is stealing some of my blogger thunder.  Well folks, a picture may or may not be worth 1,000 words.  But it's a heck of a lot easier. 

Plus, Isaac is having trouble sleeping these days because he has RSV.  The medication procedure for this particular virus involves putting  mask up to the baby's mouth and forcing him to breathe a smoke-like substance for about ten minutes.  As you can guess, Isaac is quite uncooperative with this treatment.  We're doing the best we can, though, and of course we appreciate prayers as this virus does occasionally turn into something very serious in babies

Today's doctor visit was actually pretty pleasant.  Isaac and I walked around Hermann park for about fifty minutes ahead of time because there was a bit of a gap between when we dropped Kim off at work and when Isaac's appointment was scheduled to start.  I've decided that, on days when I have the car, I'm going to start looking for opportunities to get out and walk.  Now that it's not horridly hot and hellaciously humid every day.  While I miss running for exercise, walking while pushing the baby is a nice way to stretch the legs. 

Headed up to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving Wednesday morning.  I will be off-line until we get home late Sunday night. Maybe I'll show up on Monday to tell you how it went. 

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, by the way.  Partially because it kicks off Christmas season (in my world, anyway), and partly because, well, it's just nice.  You get all the family and feasting of Christmas, but without Christmas' unique hassles.  Or, as Kim put it today, "It's all the family time of Christmas but without the stress of presents."  Now, I love gift-giving like a banshee, but I know it can be stressful for a lot of folks, and that stress kind of gets passed on to others in various ways.  Plus, anymore Christmas has become such a frenzy of sales and ads and community events that it can get a little overwhelming.  Again, not necessarily to me; I can pretty much take all the Christmas you can throw at me.  (Commentary: STOP HANDING THE BABY THE GLASS ORNAMENT!!!)  Thanksgiving, however, does seem to have most of the positives of Christmas, just quieter.  And sometimes, quiet is nice. 

Hey!  It's raining outside! Hard!!, no, it stopped.  Dang, that was fast.

All right, happy Thanksgiving, everybody!