Friday, August 12, 2011

v2, d394: Miller Time!

Because it's awesome to go for the obvious joke, especially if it's an out-dated beer commercial pun.

Today was the Players' day at Miller Outdoor Theater.  We put up our production of The Hobbit.  It's always tough taking a show that was directed to play in a small in-the-round space that seats about one hundred fifty people and transferring it to a proscenium amphitheater that could potentially draw crowds of 3,000 or more.  You lose your proximity, you lose your blocking, you lose your lighting effects, and you can lose your mind trying to figure out how to make it all work for the second time without drastically rebuilding everything.  That said, I think most everything ended up working pretty well on Miller's stage.  The loss of lights impacted the show in a big way, because the dark, creepy atmosphere of the piece was largely impacted by the lighting design, but hey.  When the city wants to give you thousands of dollars to play for a larger audience than you're going to see all year in your own theater, you work with what you get. 

It was nice to be working on something theatrical again, even if just for the week, and even if I was just pressing buttons and helping unload.  I've never cared too much about my particular assignment once a production gets rolling (barring external circumstances, of course).  Tomorrow we'll have another show, and then tomorrow night I'll head back to the church to see how the kids did with the musical about kids rehearsing a musical. 

This is so fun, I might just go ahead and write another play sometime. 

And now, in celebration of going for the obvious joke at EVERY POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY: