Tuesday, August 23, 2011

v2, d400: Distraction, Thy Name Is....That Guy

Confession time. 

While it's true that some of my irregular blogging of late has been caused by sleeping issues (last night I couldn't fall asleep until close to 4), an equally unhealthy portion of it has come from my discovery of the Internet sensation known as the Nostalgia Critic over on ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com.  This guy makes me laugh.  A lot.  And even when I say, "Okay, only one (twenty-minute) video tonight," I usually end up on this site for close to an hour. 

This isn't saying I can necessarily recommend NC. He's really funny, his videos are well-edited, and he's giving fairly in-depth reviews of all manner of pop culture film/television sensations from our childhood.  (There are also a ton of other similar reviewers hosted on TGWTG's site, but I haven't really found one that's worth its salt yet.  They pretty seem much follow the same bewildered mockery/outrage motif, but none of them can do it nearly as well as NC)  However, the language is definitely R-rated.  That's not me being pious; according to MPAA standards it would be considered R-rated.  Also, the subject matter sometimes drifts into what my old college roommate would likely term "yerg territory."  My exposure to contemporary world theater has pretty much dulled me to language at coarse subject matter, but I can still recognize it and definitely wouldn't condone it.  So if you, like me, have very little chance of being offended by language and are in the need of some nostalgic criticism (and you have hours to spare), you may want to check his site out.  While some of the reviews can be hit and miss, most of the Top 11 lists are fantastic.  (What?  Me?  Addicted to a guy who does list/countdowns?  Shocker!) 

Again, this blog isn't necessarily intended to be an advertisement for NC, though I do know some of my readers would totally get a kick out of him.  Really, it's more my coming clean with why I haven't been writing much on here lately. 

If you happen to see me online, keep me accountable: No NC videos until I've done some writing, a blog, and any housework that needs done.  (I guess if you happen to see me late-night offline for any reason, you can hold me accountable, too) 

Because admitting you have a problem is the first step.

(Seriously though, I'll be getting back to this.  Sorry for the lapses.  Maybe tomorrow we can talk about taking Isaac to the doctor for shots)