Wednesday, August 31, 2011

v2, d404: Haiku

Due to Internet
Error, Haiku Blog now on
Day Four-Oh-Four.  Ha.  

Sorry, library.
Not going to finish this
One on time. Renew.

Five good running backs.
Only three good receivers.
Unfortunate, that.

Dinosaurs fit well
Into haiku poetry.

Went to a middle
School once where kids were kissing
In the halls. That's gross.

Ocean waves recede.
Sun sets o'er a peaceful shore.
Humboldt squid attack.

Playing cards with clowns.
Water skiing with angels.
Hot dogs before bed.

I need to go to
Toronto.  No, I mean it.
Hockey Hall of Fame.

Earthquakes are rumbling.
The earth's surface is shifting.
I'm watching TV.

Seven skinny cows
Ate the seven fat cows. I
Bet their tummies hurt.

See that last haiku?
It was straight up Biblical.
Jesus is real, y'all.

Andrew Lloyd Weber.
He wrote lots of musicals.
Andrew Lloyd Weber.

I'm ready to go
To bed. I miss sleeping.  I
Miss writing more, though.

Man I hope Isaac
Takes a few naps tomorrow.
Good nite, ev'ryone!