Saturday, June 4, 2011

v2, d352:

I'm actually starting to forget all about blogging.  On more than one occasion recently it will suddenly occur to me late at night that I have yet to write anything that day.  Not necessarily on terribly busy days, either.  It just slips my mind. 

I'm sorry.  I try not to take you all for granted.

Anyway, the Aeros are now down three games to two.  Game six is Tuesday in Houston.  Win both of the last games, or it's all over. Close, but no cigar.  Trying to stay positive, but right now the thought of coming this close and coming away with nothing makes me a little sick. 

Hey, why did Hugh Jackman make a movie about boxing robots?  If it were played for camp, I could buy it, but it looks like it's legitimately trying to be the next Rocky.  Are you hurting for money, buddy?  'Cause it just hurts to see you coaching a boxing robot in order to get closer to your estranged son. 

Here's a happier thought: Disney California Adventure opened their new Little Mermaid ride this weekend.  What? You're not going to California this summer/you're not rich?  Here, somebody cheated for us:

Sigh.  Is it too late to go into theme park design for my career?  (Solution: Write a YA novel that takes place in a theme park.  Make the movie.  Done) 

It always seems to me that you really have to be familiar with the movie in question when you go on a Disneyland ride based on the movie, otherwise it really doesn't make any sense.  (When is The Black Cauldron ride coming out?)  I really like that this one seems to incorporate a LOT of the songs from the film into the ride.  That's great, because Little Mermaid is really the film that started Disney's dominance of the Academy Awards' Best Original Song category.  For a while there, you always knew the latest Disney movie was going to win that particular Oscar.  (Hey, is it just me, or does it feel like the ride skips a couple steps after the "Kiss The Girl" scene?) 

Trivia: what did the 2001 Colorado Avalanche, the 2004 Tampa Bay Lightning, and the 2009 Pittsburgh Penguins have in common (aside from the fact that they're all "my" teams that won Cups)?  A couple of you ought to know this.