Friday, June 10, 2011

v2, d356: Leave Me a Comment

It's always strange when people insinuate that I've written something specific as a plea for more comments.  "I noticed your subtle feedback request," that sort of thing.  I promise, I don't do subtle requests.  I sometimes think, "Oh, I'll bet so-and-so will have something to say about this," (before remembering that they got sent up to Urinetown) but I never make a statement and hope that you all will just pick up the cue and agree with or contradict it. 

Not that I don't love comments. I do.  When we occasionally hit the "4" mark on a post I get pretty stoked.  So please, don't feel like I'm saying "You all shouldn't bother commenting."  All I'm saying is that, when I specifically want comments, I will usually say "Leave a comment" or "Tell me what you think in the comments box."  No bloggy mind-games here.

That said, one of my most faithful readers is apparently having trouble leaving comments.  I'm sure it's some conflict between their computer and blogger, but then again I don't really know what my blog requires of you when you leave a comment since I'm always already logged in when I reply to someone in the comment section. We had a similar problem back when I started this blog, and I know blogger/Google has changed some things recently, so I don't know if there's some setting I can change that will make things easier.  Soooo, please leave me a reply and let me know what  hoops (if any) you had to jump through to get there.  Did you need to log in to anything?  Word verification?  Have issues with an over-sensitive profanity filter?  Let me know.

I know this makes for boring reading, but when you have to deal with maintenance, you just have to deal with maintenance.