Monday, June 13, 2011

v2, d358: On a Jet Plane

Well, here we go.  Leaving tomorrow for my big sister's wedding, kicking off a summer's worth of events that suddenly seem quite surreal.  But we'll delve into that as the summer progresses, aye? ;-)

For this week:
Tomorrow: On the plane, then a bachelor party with a bunch of guys I've never met (slightly nervous? Yep)
Wednesday: Legoland w/ Robbie
Thursday: Grandma's birthday party (My grandma, not Robbie's)
Friday: Rehearsal!!
Saturday: THE BIG DAY!!!
Sunday: Father's Day
Monday: Knott's Berry Farm, I think, and probably about fifteen rides on the train
Tuesday: Home again home again

And then when we get home, things get crazy!  As Sherri (or Red Mage) would say, "Dun-dun-DUUUUUN!!!"

Wow.  It took me entirely too long to find those...