Tuesday, June 7, 2011

v2, d354:If Nothing Else, You Oughtta Watch the Video of the Goalie Checking the Guy

Here we go, folks.  Within mere moments, Dave will leave work to come pick me up so we can take in tonight's Game Six at the Yo.  We lose tonight and we're done.  We win, and we do it all over again on Thursday (only with Tarvis instead of Dave).

The city of Binghamton has already announced the victory parade route.  In the past, this is an act that has angered the various sports-related deities.  Personally, I wouldn't mind an Aeros win similar to Boston's shellacking of the Canucks last night (only perhaps with less injury.  Man, did that series ever get uglier than I expected it to be) simply because I wouldn't mind a relatively low-stress night at some point in these playoffs.  Peoria seems like soooo long ago!  

Anyway.  Whatever happens, one week until "Hello, Southern California!"  Airline adventures, sister's wedding, theme parks, family reunion.  Should have plenty to write about then.  For some reason I sat down to blog last night and could come up with nothing but HOLY CRAP ARE YOU WATCHING THIS VANCOUVER/BOSTON SERIES??  

I don't think I've ever wanted to see an individual player win a Stanley Cup more than I want to see Tim Thomas win it.  Not since Bourque, anyway.