Thursday, June 23, 2011

v2, d360: Too Much to Talk About Right Now!


I can't think of the last time I've had this much blog-worthy material.  (One can't help but wonder how lofty of a compliment "blog-worthy" really is)  We had vacation, a Stanley Cup, my sister's wedding, some fun Top 7 ideas from the other should be a while before I run out of material.  That'll be a nice change of pace.

I suppose, however, that I ought to open with this: I quit my job yesterday.  (Admittedly, the Boss doesn't know it yet because she's not getting back until tomorrow) I won't get all sentimental and emotional about this on here because, hey, I have a Last Day (last day) coming up in a week.  May as well save the tears for later.  For now, I'll just say that it's time for me to move on.  And I don't exactly know where my life's adventure will be taking me next.  That's pretty scary.  The truth is, for the past year I've been in the state of "As soon as I find something else, I'm out of here."  Recently came to realize that I was putting my faith in the mythical something else.  I feel like God has things He wants me to do right now, and it's time to try for them. 

You want details?  Well, as appears to be the theme for this blog lately, they'll come later.  :-)  Let me get some things sorted out first, okay?  Thanks.

A lot of people ask me what I'll be doing next. My general response is, "What sounds better? 'Stay-at-home dad' or 'Self-employed writer'?"  I'll be staying home with Isaac for (likely) the next year until Robbie starts public school.  It may turn out that I have to get some part-time work in the evenings to make ends meet, and if that  happens then so be it.  I've got a couple of projects that may turn into some decent income for the next few months.  Again, more details will come if these things start to pan out (no reason to get your hopes up prematurely, right?)  I can't say I know how we're going to "make it" this next year, but I'm convinced we will.  It'll probably be tighter and harder than that dark period last year, and that's scary, and we will probably need help in various forms (occasional babysitting comes to mind) in order to make it, but by the grace of God we will, in fact, make it. 

I hate leaving.  I hate knowing/feeling I'm leaving people that I care about hanging.  Hate it.  But I really think this is the time.  And I think that, ultimately, good things are coming. 

More on this as it develops :-)