Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day Three-Hundred Forty-Nine: A Fairly Boring Blog Post

Blog Post for 12-26

It’s not 11:00 yet, and everybody’s gone to bed save for me. Quite the change from last night! (Most likely, the change is because of last night)

I was wrong about Phase 10. The game did eventually end. It was quite the spectator’s treat!

Let’s see…today has not really been what you could call a “good day,” I don’t think, but it definitely hasn’t been a bad one, either. On the whole, I think I’m a bit tired from this particular vacation. From the unexpected travel difficulties to the blizzard to the rearranged schedules due to family members arriving late due to the aforementioned blizzard, things have been exciting, but a little hectic. And even a tad stressful. Enjoyable, but still, I think I’ll be glad to get home to humid, crowded Houston on Monday.

I’m still not sure what the plans are for tomorrow, now that I think about it. Church in Coyle, I’m sure that’s first. After that? Packing? Napping? Yet another 2-hour-away day trip? Couldn’t tell you.

I’m 639 pages into the complete and uncut The Stand. In other words, I’m to the “If-you-were-reading-the-originally-published-The-Stand-you’d-be-done-by-now!” point. I’m curious as to what exactly wasn’t included in the original cut. My guess is a lot of stuff in the first 400 or so pages. (You get to page 383—the beginning of “Book Two”—and you realize that everything so far, all the superflu-related stuff, was actually just setting up the game board for the main thrust of the story. And to this reader, that was pretty awesome) This is a great, creepy, disturbing, exciting story. I hope to get through the last 500 pages before my week of mandatory vacation begins—I have other plans for that stretch of my life.

All right, back to Mother Abigail and the rest of the crew in Boulder. Sleep well.