Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day Three-Hundred Twenty-Six: Chance of Snow

Apparently, we went from "40 % chance of light snow/rain mix" to "70% chance of 1-5" of snow". When did that happen??

Tomorrow is packed just about to capacity (though the fact that our finance director is out with H1N1 clears one meeting off the schedule) including a trip home at 5 to come back to work at 7. Last time it snowed (not 3-5") here, people didn't know how to handle it. I hope I can make it home and back tomorrow. Actually, I hope our ushers can make it to the theater tomorrow, or else I may get pulled in for extra duty. Meh...

Perhaps I'd better take an extra meal with me tomorrow night, just in case? (Or some ice skates, and I can just skate on down to Whataburger in case of winter storm)

Anyway, please be careful out there, everybody.