Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day Three-Hundred Thirty-Two: Lull-A-Bye

When I first started this blog, I never promised that I would always be entertaining all the time. Or even interesting, for that matter. This thing was an experiment and an exercise for me, and any who wanted to join on the journey were more than welcome to.

That said, I still hate it when the blog gets into lulls. It's happened more than once, and were this thing to continue beyond 365, I'm sure it'll lull again. Can't be helped. And, ultimately, really not that big a deal.

Still, the content lately has generally been less-than-inspired, and the commenting has come to a dead halt. And while I've never really got a lot of comments, nor do I do this because I want lots of comments, I still hate to think that I'm now boring you all on a daily basis.

Truth is, it feels a little like I'm running out of steam on the blog. Three-hundred thirty-two days is a lot. Also, my creative energy has been picking up on several other projects lately, and that is stealing some of my WBW thunder. (And given the choice, I'd rather write interesting plays and stories over an interesting daily blogging exercise) Further, I'd hate to see the last month of this journey, well, suck. I feel like we've had some very cool moments and series over the past almost-a-year, and while I have no grand plans for how to wrap this puppy up, I do want to make sure I do at least one more cool thing before I go.

So, here's the plan:

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to start writing a story I've had in my head in some form or other for just about four years. I'm going to figure out exactly how this thingy works, and I'm going to "lock" those posts. The only way to read them will be with a password. This is A) to protect my work, just in case it ends up being any good, and B) to keep it just between all of us. So far as I'm aware, all of my WBW readers are people I know and am friends with in real life. For awhile I think I had some Internet-only friends reading, but I think they disappeared a lull or two ago, so I think this should be pretty easy to keep amongst ourselves. Oh, and there's a C), too. C), I want to thank those of you who've been keeping up with me, encouraging me, and either dropping comments or sending emails or starting conversations based on things I've written on here. Because you all have made this so much cooler than it would have been if it had been left entirely up to me to keep it going on my own.

So there you have it. Starting tomorrow, a new story, written in daily installments, nothing like the story about the guy who loved bananas, as a thank you/Christmas present from WBW to all of you. They will be password protected, so if you want the password all you have to do is drop me an email, a text, a Facebook message, a call, or an old-fashioned face-to-face conversation.

****EDIT: And I know this sounds all, "Yes, you must come to me and BEG to my FACE" haughty, but I promise it's not. This is totally just an effort to protect my own work and to keep it all "in the family." It's like we're all in on a secret together, and isn't that fun?****END EDIT

Hopefully this will end up being cool and not lame.

I think I said something along those lines three-hundred thirty-two days ago...