Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day Three-Hundred Forty-Three: A Lesson Learned

Short Robbie story for ya.

Saturday, Kim and Robbie went to the store. On their way out to the car, Kim gave Robbie a folded-up dollar bill and instructed him to go put it in the red bucket of the Salvation Army bell-ringer. The ringer tried to initiate conversation with my son, but he made sure nothing distracted him from the solemn task at hand. He placed the bill in the x-shaped hole atop the bucket and walked back to Kim.

"Do you know why we put the money in the bucket?" she asked Robbie. Naturally, he didn't, other than that his mommy told him to. "We give money to help all the people who don't have blankets or homes or warm clothes, and to help boys and girls who don't have any clothes or any toys."

At this point, Robbie emitted a great gasp and his eyes grew large. "No dump trucks and no excavators??" He couldn't believe the misfortune of those children!

And thus, Robbie's first lesson in holiday giving was effectively learned.