Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day Three-Hundred Forty-Two: Disjointed

Bah. My mind is pretty much fried. It's been a really long week. Not just for me, either, because the "long" part of my week pretty much ended Thursday, but a lot of my close friends have had a really rough go of it this week, and pretty much everybody is discouraged around the workplace right now, and that has far more of a wearing-down effect on me than the words and issues that assailed me personally.

Here's hoping a huge dose of holiday cheer is on the way for us all!

Anyway, my focus is scrambled due to the aforementioned wearing quality of the week AND the fact that I'm awfully sleepy. Nothing I write at this point will be coherent/any good. So, in honor of major brain gaffes, here are some of the most embarrassing moments in hockey from the last ten years, via Puck Daddy.

I actually remember when most of these happened.

Enjoy the blooper reel, kids.
First up: overpaid goalie!

Second: Quite possibly the lamest hockey fight in history.

Third: Here's a good idea: how about you hang over the glass and taunt one of the more renowned tough guys in the league? Let us know how that works out for ya, fella.

Fourth: The most famous Olympic hockey shot in Belarusian history. (This was a Miracle on Ice-caliber upset, just not as dramatic because Belarus went on to do squat after this game was over)

And finally: I just...I can't...there isn't...*sigh* There are no words, and "Epic Fail" just doesn't seem to cover it this time. At least his team won the game in OT.