Sunday, April 4, 2010

v2, d35: Comes the Bride

Every head turns to see her, every neck cranes to catch a glimpse.
Every eye in the cathedral is fixed fully on her.
(Hers are on him)
The ones who knew her past are there.
She glides by them like an angel.
They sit in the pews, remembering her the way she was,
When she wasn't even worth the dust she was formed from.
They never dreamed that one day she'd be beautiful.
(Her eyes are on him, each step brings them closer)
He cannot mask his joy (Not that he'd want to),
It escapes the corner of his eye and trickles (like blood) down the contours of his face.
He went through hell to get her here.
They said she wasn't worth it. Said it to his face.
Now they are silent. He has made her beautiful.
(Forever begins today)
Her hand trembles as he closes his (scarred) hands around it.
Now they are together. He will cherish her forever, and she will never be ugly again.
All their darkness forever in the past.
Here comes the bride.