Monday, April 5, 2010

v2, d36: "I feel like a wrestler. Like a frog wrestler."

People watched my play today.

You'd think I wouldn't still get anxious about that sort of thing, but apparently I do. I generally feel like I still have to prove myself, especially to my peers, and especially if it's something I wrote but haven't had the outsider's perspective throughout the process. In this instance, it was a show I'm also in, so while I feel like it's pretty good from the actor's standpoint, I ultimately have no clue how it looks to the audience's eye.

Especially an audience of people whose opinions I respect.

Even though I know the show is a hit with its intended audiences, I second-guess almost every single line when friends and colleagues are watching. Despite how many OTHER knowledgeable friends and colleagues have already said it's fine.

Blah. Insecure artistic tendencies.

Anyway, our uber-talented photographer Jeff was among those intimidating presences in the audience, and he snapped some photos that you can find by clicking here. (You can see more of Jeff's awesome work here)

You'll notice I look like a mutant frog. Yeah, well....OH HEY LOOK, the Angels just hit back-to-back homeruns! Hooray for baseball!