Saturday, April 10, 2010

v2, d41: "Then we getta go home"

Next week is Tech times two plus understudy rehearsals. This means A) I ain't seen nothin' yet, workload-wise, compared to what's coming over the next seven days, and B) the finish line is in sight. One week from tonight, I have a nice evening out with my wife all ready to go. One week after that, both shows are open and out of my hands forever. Minus, of course, the rehearsals where I'll have to get Alice's understudy ready to go on.

Blast. I need to look into getting those scheduled.

I guess I'll just go ahead and turn this into my weekly request for prayers. I really need to be on top of my game pretty much all week, and most of my in-between hours where I could sort of zone out between meetings and rehearsals are now filled with other meetings or rehearsals. Also, I need to make an effort to eat healthier and get out to run at least three times this week, but I'm having trouble working up an appetite for anything but Spaghetti-O's (which I don't actually have any of).

Also, if anybody would like to buy my family a week-long vacation starting April 24th, that seems to be an appropriate way to celebrate the opening of these two projects ;-)