Wednesday, April 7, 2010

v2, d38: Chicken Soup FTW

Today started off poorly, then got a little worse, then got a lot worse, then got WAY worse, and then improved.

Really, I can't describe it beyond that, which sucks, because if you fancy yourself a writer and you can't come up with any words, you're pretty much up a creek. And you start borrowing outdated idioms that make you sound sorta backwoods-ish. It's like being an archer with no arrows. Or a walrus without tusks. Or a cowboy that rides an ostrich! Or a water pistol that shoots jelly!

Hang on a sec, this calls for a video.

Hey, did anybody ever figure out what was wrong with that doll? She looks just fine to me. I mean come on, she even says "How do you do?" Well, she actually says a lot more than that. All the toys have far more extensive vocabularies than any plaything I've ever owned.

Perhaps it's the fact that she's a sentient doll. Maybe that's what makes her a misfit.

Ohhhh man...that just brought back this terrifying memory from my childhood:

You have no idea how creepy that thing was in real life.

(Wow...when did I lose control of this post?)