Monday, October 18, 2010

v2, d183: Today, in the Daily News...

Why is there a Jack in the Box popup ad on my old town's newspaper's web site?  I don't even know where the nearest Jack in the Box to Wellington is...

Anyway, apparently the girls' tennis team won the state championship.  First girls' team in Wellington history to win a state title.  First Wellington team to win a state title since football won it all in 2002 (second of back-to-back titles, I think). 

In other Wellington news, it appears the old Chisholm Trail Museum is haunted.  Experts in the supernatural have camped out there several times and have apparently had experiences with ghosts.  So they're taking people on pitch-black tours of the museum while they tell of their experiences for Halloween.  Now look, I don't claim to be an expert in this "sort of thing," but this just seems like a bad idea. 

Hey, there's also a Kohl's banner ad on the site.  Weird. 

The Daily News' twitter hasn't tweeted since February 18th.

Hey, just for the heck of it, I wonder what jobs are being advertised in the WDN?  Let's see...two AVON independent sales reps, an online survey taker, a UPS driver, and a housekeeper for what appears to be an assisted living residence. 

Also also: Gulf Oil Spill is still a tab at the top of the front page.  The latest posting is from August 6th. 

And finally, the "Lifestyles" tabs offers only three options: Food, Home and Garden, and Branded Content.  Now, Branded Content covers a lot of territory, it's true.  Sadly, "Arts" or "Fine Arts" or "Arts and Entertainment" didn't make the cut. 

This has been your quick tour of the Wellington Daily News.

(*I kid, mostly.  I love my little hometown.  Mostly)