Saturday, October 30, 2010

v2, d194: Yip-or-Treat

Awesome Halloween costume idea 2010: Tarvis and I go as Yip Yips.  I've actually been cooking this one up for two months or more, but managed to keep it secret from anybody who'd be at our Halloween party.  I spent a couple of evenings looking up instructions for how to make a good Yip Yip costume. I found several sites, and they all said pretty close to the same thing.  It sounded do-able, but relatively (and surprisingly) complicated.  Up until last night, I wasn't actually sure this idea was going to work out at all.  It did, however, and I'm pretty happy with the way the costumes ended up looking and functioning.  And Robbie loved them.  My actual construction process was so much simpler than everything I found online, so I'm going to share my "How To Make a Yip-Yip Costume" instructions here.  Remember, this is just a way that worked for me.  There are lots of ways to make this happen, I'm sure. 

Step 1: Gather the following supplies: 3-4 yards of fleece (varies depending on height), 1 yard of a black mesh-like fabric, 3-4" Styrofoam balls, two pipe cleaners, two small pom poms.
Step 2: Let your wife make a Yip Yip costume.

That's it!

Okay, I know that sounds bad.  I have to say, however, that up until about dinner time last night, I was planning on making this myself.  I had a tentative plan and everything.  I had the directions pulled up on the compy.  And while Tarvis and I were looking at it, Kim came over and said, "Here, if you just did this...and this...then you'd just have to do this..." and she pretty much took it over from there.  And she was really seeming to get excited about it.  So while part of me really wanted to say, "No, sweetheart, you don't have to do this," the wiser part of me was able to recognize what was going on and say, "Wait, she likes doing this.  She wants to do this.  This is going to be fun for her!  It would be stupid to take it back.  Besides, she'll make it better than you would have."  So I let her go.  It turns out, my wife likes sewing projects!  I knew that, but I had figured that, with everything else going on lately, doing something like this for me would be another burden for her.  But it wasn't.  I think she enjoyed it. 

So there you go.  Happy Halloween, friends.  And I'm glad that, for every "Hey this is a funny idea we should do it" person like me there is in the world, there's some "It would be fun to help that funny idea happen" person out there wanting to put in a little bit of legwork.