Saturday, October 23, 2010

v2, d189: Birthday Mad-Libs (for my WIFE!)


Tomorrow, I want to dedicate a post to Jason and Kat and their wonderful wedding.  Today, however, I must write the most difficult Birthday Mad-Lib yet: the one for my lovely and precious wife.

See, normally I try to find a Mad-Lib that is at least pseudo-appropriate for the person being honored.  This, however, is difficult for me when it comes to Kim, because the most appropriate one I could find was called "The Love Letter," and obviously it made for a very awkward love letter.  And I don't want anything I write to/for my wife to be awkward.

Then I remembered that, at their core, Mad Libs are supposed to be random and silly.  So I just picked a random one.  Once again, the bold words are all words that remind me of the subject of the Mad Lib in some way, shape, or form.

The Restaurant

Last night I visited the prettiest restaurant I have ever been to. It was located right in the middle of a plain just outside of town. The name of the place, "Clever Kimberly's," was lit up with big garish purple lights. The seats were beautiful and intelligent and the couches were less than precious, but the atmosphere was gentle nonetheless. A year or so passed, and then a waitress came up to me and said, "Hi, I'm Decisive, and I'll be your server. May I take your order?"
"I love you!" I said. "It's about time. I've been sitting here for a year! I'd like a bowl of apple, the cheesecake and chicken and peaches dinner plate with extra chicken and peaches, hold the peas, and a tupperware of water."
My food came promptly -- it took about a month, by my watch. I must say, I enjoyed the meal, especially the chicken and peaches, though I spilled some water on my dress. I had the leftovers put in a crockpot so I could take it home. I'm going back tomorrow.

NOTE: The use of the word "plain" was only because the program specifically asked for a geographical terrain.  Also, I would not want to sit in an intelligent seat, no matter how beautiful it was.

I love you, Darling.  Happy birthday!