Friday, April 22, 2011

v2, 322: TGIGF?

I always want to say something spiritual on Good Friday. I want to throw out a slew of applicable scriptures to cause anybody who might creep across my insignificant corner of the Internet to take pause and consider the grace of God in case they hadn't already done so.  I really want to sound wise or contemplative, especially since I often feel that way inside my head though I can rarely get it come across in twelve-point-font.  (Smart-aleck response: try typing in 10!)  Many, many of my friends have very inspirational blog posts and Twitter feeds this weekend, and I want to join their ranks, but when I sit to type it just rarely works.  Because despite all the inspiring or profound or appropriate thoughts that have been tossed out there already today, I want to add my two cents as well.  After all, I know I should.  It's Good Friday, for crying out loud!  I'm embarrassed by my inability to string together at least a list of Bible verses to help others reflect upon the momentous occasion this day represents, the day the future of this planet was irrevocably changed.  And what's funny is, just reflecting on this weekend gets my mind spinning with at least four or five subjects that I think could make for really good blog topics.  It's just that they all seem to stall out after a decent introductory word or phrase, and I'm stuck frustrated back at square one. 

Then I'm reminded: Good Friday is exactly about everything I couldn't do and can't do.  Nothing I can add or plan or create can change that it's His work of grace that saves me.  When words fail me, He doesn't. That I'm woefully insufficient in this matter only underscores the point.  It's never been about what I can bring to the table.  The good things that I do in Christ's name are significant in His sight, but they add nothing to the cross, nor do they ease the burden He took on in my name one bit.  Likewise, my consistent failures and insecurities did not make His choice to take the cup of God's wrath any more difficult after His prayer in Gethsemene. 

So today, I'll leave you all with this: I've tried today to be artistic, clever, lucid, theological, intelligent, encouraging, contemplative--in a word, worthy--but in the end, all I've got is the cross.