Monday, April 25, 2011

v2, d323: Commentary

The past couple of nights, I've usually been doing one thing while a hockey game plays in the background.  I can usually tell when I actually need to look up and watch.  Tonight, I'm listening to/watching what appears to be San Jose's local station covering the Kings/Sharks game six.  It's kind of funny, because one commentator seems to know a lot more about hockey than the other, so he's trying to contradict his colleague without embarrassing him.   Anyway, this has been a ca-razy series. 

Also, LOTS of overtime in round one. 

Hey, I'm really glad I posted that Joey the Junior Reporter clip a few days ago, because the very next morning Puck Daddy shared a Q&A with the Kid Himself.

Last hockey note: the Aeros will play Milwaukee in the next round.  Because that's always what we do after we play Peoria.

My family's home, the new router is here, life is good.  Actually, I had a very good weekend.  I spent about 12  hours at work on Saturday, did four shows total, saw Hanna with Hannah (so that's a bit redundant), read three and a half books, did some housework, wrote a short screenplay, counted and hid 1500 Easter eggs, got a decent amount of sleep, went for a run, took in lots of playoff hockey, and went to Sunday night church with friends (since my own Easter church experience had been counting and hiding 1500 Easter eggs).  I also ate Spaghetti-O's, Lean Pockets, nachos, and bowls of full-leaf spinach.  And Easter candy.    Healthy?  No.  Diversified?  Definitely.

I know I still haven't written much about the Barbara Bush story, but the more I thought about it the more I realized there really isn't a whole lot to share.  Her foundation for family literacy decided to come to our theater to see the show I wrote and directed.  They used the Pinocchio story as the basis for an essay contest for a local elementary school so they brought the school to see the show.  After the show, Mrs. Bush announced the winners and then took a picture with the cast.  Fun thing is, nineteen years ago, I was in Washington as the Kansas recipient of the Jefferson Award (which was a pretty cool deal, really) and the winners were supposed to get to meet President and Mrs. Bush, but she we ill (or so they said!) so we didn't get to.  Nineteen years later...I still haven't actually met her.  But I did put her podium in the wrong place.  So that's a step in the right direction. 

Finally, I'ma ask for your prayers this week.  Kim goes back to work tomorrow, and Isaac is going to day care for the first time, too.  This is obviously going to be a HUGE transition for all of us.  So we'd appreciate any prayers that it goes as smoothly as it can. 

Oh look. Kings/Sharks going to overtime.