Friday, April 15, 2011

v2, d318: Comments

* Checked out this article on MSN last night because it was late, I was bored, and I was waiting on the laundry to dry so I couldn't go to bed just yet.  It's called "Decode His Compliments: What He Thinks About Your Look."  And it goes on to quote several men and what they say when they don't actually like what their wives/girlfriends are wearing but are asked for their opinions anyway.  The insinuation here being that a man always has some hidden subtext when he pays a woman a compliment, especially in regards to appearance, and she should spend brain power trying to decipher it. 

Comment: AAAAARRRRGH!! Are you serious?  All right, ladies, I'm going to level with you: I can't speak for all men everywhere, but I will speak for myself.  If I say, "You look really nice today," it's because I think you look really nice.  If I say "That color looks good on you," it's because I think the color looks good on you.  In fact, in general when I pay a compliment, I actually mean...what I'm saying!  Don't dissect it, and please don't argue with it, just go with it.  Despite what MSN will have you believe, many men are not hiding a "but..." when they pay you a bit of flattery. 

I probably just shouldn't have read an article on relationships, actually...

* Another reason NHL playoffs are unlike anything else in sports: Playoff beards.  (Accidentally typed "playoff bears" the first time.  That's something completely different) For the uninformed: many, many players (and lately coaches, fans, front office workers, etc) don't shave from first postseason puck-drop till either they're eliminated or they've won the Cup.  Playoff Beards have become an integral part of hockey culture.  But I've had a few of you over the years ask me: what about the ladies?

Well, that question's finally been answered.  But you gotta ask yourself exactly how badly you want to know the answer...

Comment: Personally, I'd rather just stick with this commercial and let that satisfy my curiosity. 

* Finally, this is one of the coolest things you'll read this week. 

Comment: I knew the basics of this story about half a year ago: Kid loves minor-league hockey team, kid has terrible incurable illness, hockey team moves away, kid's parents decide to move to follow the team, team helps parents raise money to try to buy a house. The details brought forth in this account, however, are staggering.  What a tremendous story.  A+'s all around.  "I never knew that large, monopolizing corporations could be such a force for good in the world!"