Monday, July 4, 2011

v2, d371: "Nice weather for eels."

Robbie has this book called Diving for Shapes in Hawaii.  It's pretty good.  Each page has a rhyming couplet that describes a creature with a specific shape on it.  Exampe: "I went diving and what did I see?  A triangle fish tail flapping at me!"  "I saw coral with all kinds of rectangle holes where bubbles rose out in bubbly poles."  (I don't remember if these are actual pages from the book, but they're close)  At the back of the book, there's a picture guide to help you identify which Hawaiian sea creatures were in the book.  As I said, it's a decent little piece of pre-K literature. 

Except for this page:  "Scratching my nose and blinking an eye, an eel with square spots wriggled on by."

I hate this page every time I read it. 

Dear kids: never get close enough to an eel that it can scratch your nose, no matter what your Diving in Hawaii book says.