Tuesday, July 26, 2011

v2, d387: Unfinished

I have a lot of blog posts started in my head, but none of them have come to a conclusion yet.  Which, if the past is any indicator, means many of them will never come to be, especially after a weekend at preteen camp. 

I will finish vacation write-ups after I get back. 

Mostly, I'd like to reflect on how basically everything about my life is so radically different now that I haven't had a full-time job in the past three weeks.  I know I've touched on it, but the whole situation has got my mind turning over the idea of Change.  I'm talking Big-C Change, major Change.  Paradigm-shift Change.  Moving away from home, having kids, amputating a leg, buying a goldfish.  You know.  That sorta stuff.  Because really, since I left the players, everything has changed.  My schedule, my priorities, my friendships, my energy level, my financial health.  Everything.  Some of it has hurt.  Some of it has caused others to hurt.  Some has healed.  Some has helped others.  Some has neither hurt nor healed yet, but believe me it's going to before too long.  And a lot of it is just different. 

It's a wacky thing, Big-C Change, and I don't think you can really wrap your mind around it sufficiently until after the Change has become the new norm.  Which, I guess, is why I can't come to a tidy conclusion the more I think about it. 

So for now, we'll leave this blog post unfinished.  Maybe I'll have something more definitive around time for my Year-In-Review.