Wednesday, July 6, 2011

v2, d373: Amazingly Awesome

So today, on Twitter, Kristi Yamaguchi (What?  You guys don't follow Kristi Yamaguchi on Twitter?) posted a link to this list of 101 fun--sorry, "Amazingly Awesome Things" to do with your preschooler.  I thought, I have a preschooler.  I will check that out. And it was a fine list.  However, I noticed that a few of them started like good tips for a creative date.  Going to a park without a playground, for example.  That could make for a nice, romantic evening out.  Then I started reading all of them as Amazingly Awesome things to do with your spouse instead of your preschooler.  Then, I somehow got a movie in my mind of my friends Jason and Kat, and in the movie Jason is trying out all of the things on this list to surprise Kat, a la "Here's something fun we could do for a change" and then he lets her help him cook spaghetti, making sure to let her pour in the sauce and break the noodles and complementing her for what a great job she does of following directions. 

It was one of the funniest movies I've ever seen.  In my head, of course. 

Anyway, you need to check out that list and plug your own married friends.  Feel free to use Kim and I if you like. 

Incidentally, Kristi Yamaguchi pretty much always posts toddler-related things.  During hockey season, she also tweets about the San Jose Sharks quite a bit.  (She's married to former NHLer Bret Hedican, but you already knew that)  When I was a kid, I used to think she'd be the one who could break the gender barrier and become the first woman to star in the NHL. From what I understand, that never actually happened. 

Hey, did anybody catch how Five Iron was officially playing a reunion tour for about twelve hours the other day?  Also how there was unofficially going to be a pre-season NHL game played in September? 

Yeah, you can't blink when the Internet's involved or you'll miss all the good stuff.