Tuesday, July 5, 2011

v2, d372: Home With Isaac: Day 1

We'll take a vote.  Who would rather read a post about Robbie and I's trip to Legoland?  Okay, now who is more interested in knowing how my first day as a stay-at-home dad went?

Sorry, everyone, but my mom's vote trumps all.  ;-)

Actually, there's not a ton to report.  Dropped off Robbie and Kim then took Isaac to the mechanic with me.  He took his first bottle without incident and then they brought us home while they worked on our car.  He napped, I did dishes and folded laundry, and then they called back and said the car was ready.  I accidentally left Isaac's bag in the car, but it was okay because we had a fallback plan to make sure he still got his second bottle.  I got him to eat and sleep with pretty much no problem.  Overall fairly successful on the Daddy front. 

Bad news: car repair was about $700.00.  So basically, what we would have saved from keeping Isaac home from day care, we pretty nearly spent today.  Not cool. 

I have an interview for some part-time work with the Astros tomorrow afternoon.  I'd appreciate prayers on my behalf, as obviously this little bit of supplemental income would be huge right now. 

Also: I'm tired, and I believe I may go to bed.  It's 9 p.m.  That, too, is bizarre.