Tuesday, July 19, 2011

v2, d382: Not a high point

Today was a rough day.  Robbie still has a pretty intense fever (it was 102.8 as of about 4:30 this afternoon) and Isaac is still just as demanding as when he's the only kid around.  Also, they tag-teamed it so that one would wake up moments after I'd get the other to settle down for a rest.  As a result, the dishes and laundry I hoped to get at today didn't necessarily get done.  Also also, as I finally settled down to bed at about three this morning (because that is, it appears, just the way I roll these days), Robbie suddenly woke, screaming that there were bugs in his room and asking me to squish them, so I didn't get to sleep until about four. 

Kim was, of course, awesome today, going into work late so I wouldn't have to wake up at seven-thirty like I usually do, and giving me a brief rest period after she got home from work, but the day, on the whole, was just pretty rough. 

That said, it wasn't bad. Just hard.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a little bit easier. 

Signs your 4-year-old may be watching a little too much Wall-E:

--You're playing airplane with him, and you get to be the pilot.  You're awfully tired, though, so you tell him you're just going to turn on the auto-pilot and close your eyes for a bit.  "Don't do that!" he says.  "Why not?" you ask.  "Because I don't WANT you to do that," he replies.  "Why don't you WANT me to do that?" you ask, reasonably enough.  "Well," he says as though it should be obvious, "I did watch that one movie."

--You ask him to pick up some papers from the floor in his bedroom and throw them away.  He scrambles down the hallway.  A minute later, he returns with a bulge under his shirt.  He goes to the trash can, opens his shirt, and dumps the trash in before going to get some more.

--You are sitting in the doctor's office, waiting (of course).  You've been waiting for quite a while.  "I don't want to wait any more," he whines.  "We have to," you say.  "The doctor will be here as soon as she can."  "But I don't want to just sit here," he complains. "I wanna live!"