Friday, August 14, 2009

Day Two-Hundred Fifteen: Disasters

Okay, so I didn't want to talk about this yesterday for fear of jinxing something, but clearly it didn't work, soooo...

Every year, our anniversary has featured some disaster or another. For your consideration:

2006--Trip to San Antonio. The "romantic atmosphere" restaurant we booked is full to capacity and sticks us on a corner table by the kitchen. At least ten times, waiters run into my elbow as they walk by. The shuttle to the Riverwalk from our hotel takes corners and pothole-filled backroads waaay too quickly, and it's no wonder the back seat (where we're seated) smells very strongly of air freshener and vomit. The next day, we leave Sea World early because Kim is getting heat exhaustion.

2007--Too exhausted with a three-week-old baby to do anything, we order a pizza and stay in. A transformer blows somewhere underground, and our entire building loses power. We end up spending the night with Kim, Robbie, and I sleeping on some friends' pullout bed.

2008--Kim gets pulled over for having an expired state inspection sticker, and she ends up allergic to whatever she had at the fancy restaurant for dinner, thoroughly ruining the rest of her night.

2009--A step in the right direction! Monsoon yesterday more than triples my commute time home (remember, no AC in my car!) and what should be a two-hour errand today becomes four hours due to traffic, and accident on the highway, bad directions, and a detour that spits you out in the middle of nowhere. Get home ninety minutes late for our anniversary date. Also, very stressful light out this afternoon at the intersection of a major highway and a busy street at lunchtime culminates with a guy actually leaning out of his window to yell at me. Awesome.

Maybe next year I'll have a contest to see who can get closest to predicting the anniversary calamity! Fun and prizes!!!

(We still had a lovely night out tonight, for the record, so don't worry. We're laughing about it all ready)