Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day Two-Hundred Thirty-One: Strike

Whoa! I almost forgot about this for today! Like, almost completely forgot to post! Gotta be careful. My complacency could be my undoing!

This was the final day of Steel Magnolias, which means tonight was strike. And I volunteered to help with strike, because A) I knew the shop team has a major task ahead of them this week changing over in time for Myrtle tech on Friday, and B) I love strike. Strike/load-in/changeover is one of my favorite times in all of theatre. It always reminds me of summer-stock, and summer-stock was always good times for me. (Minus the emotional drama of my first summer stock, but we'll get to that soon)

It's good, hard work, lots of heavy lifting, lots of comradery, free pizza, and just generally good times all around.

Leaves you tired, though. Going to try to go to bed now; a long day tomorrow.