Monday, August 31, 2009

Day Two-Hundred Thirty-Two: Sleep, or lack thereof

Despite working like a dog for all of last night, I wasn't able to fall asleep until 4 this morning. I got three-point-five hours of sleep! Yeah!!! I was actually doing pretty good all day until about 6:15, when suddenly a wave of "I feel like crap" hit me, and I've been just about useless since. As such, you won't get much good out of me this evening.

Which is to bad, because there is SOOOOO MUCH I could talk about today! Like the bizarre 10-hour-long meeting of the NHLPA players reps in which they ultimately decided to fire the guy in charge of their union (after keeping him waiting in the hallways for about three hours) and all the fallout of that, and what it means for the future of the NHL.

Or the story that made the Internet explode today, Disney is buying Marvel--not just the comics, but the toys, movies, animated series, EVERYTHING Marvel--for FOUR BILLION DOLLARS!!

Bottom line: I think this is probably great for Marvel, once the first couple years of awkward "this character is currently owned by that rival production company/ theme park" mess have passed. It's not like Mickey and Minnie started showing up behind the desk at Sports Center when Disney bought ESPN, so I'm not too worried about creative/content issues, and Disney's influence will give Marvel products a much broader base internationally than they currently have.

The frightening thing, however, is that Disney now owns ABC, ESPN, Broadway, the Muppets, Pixar, and Marvel. Up next: video games.

All right, I'ma go read Neverwhere till I fall asleep. G'nite.