Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day Two-Hundred Thirty-Three: Guest Blog #3: Jason

I love guest blogs! I figure you probably get sick of reading me all the time. (You know. On MY blog and all) So I treat you with viewpoints and interesting thoughts from some of my loyal readers, just for a nice change of pace.

Today's guest blogger is a good friend from work who will forever go down in history as the original Mail Man and Naughty Naughty Noddingshire in what will quite possibly be my magnum opus, Secret Identity. (I hope this is not actually my magnum opus) (I hope I have correctly used the term magnum opus) I've enjoyed getting to work and hang out with Jason these past couple of years, and would like to take this moment to congratulate him on his nearly-completed Photo 365 (last picture is tomorrow!)

Also, he loves Burger King.

As always, the following does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the WannabeWordslinger staff (me).

And now, take it away, The Talented Mr. Hatcher!


hmmmm....I don't know what to write about. Will says that the first guest blog was about weather, and the second was about traffic. So, apparently I am supposed to blog about the economy. That ain't gonna happen. I can barely spell economy, let alone understand it.

So, what do I write about?

How about relationships? I love relationships. If you think about it, relationships are a very large part of our lives. They effect our very being. Relationships with our parents, our friends, our significant others, our children (if you have them), and even strangers effect our daily lives. Relationships keep us going....or sometimes break us down. They are funny things.

But what I have learned about relationships is this: If you love others through Christ, your relationships with those people will improve dramatically. Having a good relationship with the Son of Man, Jesus Christ, automatically makes your other relationships better. You find yourself putting others before you, which sometimes will totally blow them away. And if they have a relationship with Christ and are loving you through Him as well, then the relationship goes beyond anything you could ever imagine.

So, whats my point? Just don't believe in Christ, have a relationship with Him, and that will effect how you interact with others in your life, even the ones you haven't met yet.

God Bless.