Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day Two-Hundred Fifty-Six: Ten points (updated)

A couple of quick things before I get into summerstock anecdotes (postponed until tomorrow):

First: mmm, ice cream...

Second: We are officially one week from hockey season, and I know you're looking forward to my season preview post!! (Okay, fine, I know Tarvis will at least read my entire season preview post) With that in mind...

Third: Check out this article on former Aero and unofficial WBW hero John Scott. It's a pretty good read, and it includes such trivia as why his nickname on the Wild is "You!" (Yes, the exclamation point is part of the nickname)

Fourth: There is no fourth item.

Fifth: I'm disappointed. I used the term "You have more lives than a cat using a Game Genie" the other day and received no accolades for what was probably the awesomest thing ever said on the Internet. Cuz that would be, like, nine times infinity lives! I've finally defeated mathematics AND physics! (In theory, anyway. If you calibrated Game Genie codes to work in the real world, which can probably be done, and you could train a cat to enter the "unlimited lives" code, then you could create an immortal being) I mean, how do you not get excited about stuff like that?

Sixth: I mean come on. It's better than trying to get a dinosaur from a chicken.

Seventh: I apparently caused some waves of unrest and apprehension in the the ocean (or at least the tide pools) of my blog followship recently when I commented that, after rehearsing one of my own scripts for a few days, I wasn't sure I liked it so much anymore. It's all right, folks. Now that we've been at it for awhile, I'm back on board. Besides, I never didn't like it, but it probably won't go down in history as one of my favorites. The basketball sequence at the end is pretty fun, though.

Eighth: Don't write plays with basketball sequences at the end.

Ninth: I love my new touring unit, and I'm having a blast rehearsing with them.

Tenth: Someone hold me to this: by the end of October, I have to have at least one play out to at least three different publishing companies for consideration. I'm serious. Hold me to this. If it gets published, I'll buy you pizza.

*******UPDATE (so I guess this is the Eleventh point)*****

Tomorrow's not going to be anecdotes after all. Something on TV tonite changed my mind. I'll get to it, though, don't worry. Because I know you'd worry if I didn't reassure you. know...I'm cool.

I mean come one! A freakin' cat with a freakin' Game Genie!!!